MP2 Series

The perfect solution for large format end pivoting louvres

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When large format end pivoting louvres are required, either the double or triple glazed MP2 system or the single glazed LF550 provide the perfect solution.

Advantage and Benefits

The MP2 is a thermally broken large format end pivoting louvre and is available in both a framed or frameless version.

  • Aerodynamic cross-section
  • Air tightness
  • Security (via integrated locking mechanism)
  • Integrates with BMS systems for automated control
  • Safety locking of each blade
  • Cleaning of blades from inside
  • Integrated 24VDC drives
  • Anti pinch safety function
  • Single, double or triple glazed options
  • Suitable for overhead glazing options
  • Integrate with FIP for smoke exhaust/relief air
  • Centre pivot
  • Top pivot
  • Single glazed
  • Double glazed
  • Triple glazed
  • Framed
  • Frameless

MP2 Framed / MP2 Frameless Specifications


The mp2 louvre was introduced to the Australian market in 2012 at a time when the industry focus was on single glazing. Subsequent updates to the National Construction Code (NCC) have pushed the thermal performance requirements of commercial buildings and as a result made the mp2 louvre the product of choice on many landmark projects.

Available in two versions, the mp2 can either be structurally glazed with stepped IGU blades for a frameless glass louvre look, or it can accommodate traditional IGU’s into a thermally broken fully framed blade holder.

Either system can be configured to accept either double or triple glazed insulated glass units (IGU’s).

Where wider spans are desirable the mp2 system can incorporate a blind intermediate mullion which will allow continuous spans beyond those detailed in the performance table.

The MP2 has undergone a number of project specific tests at a NATA certified test facility in Sydney, achieving some incredible results along the way including:

  • Resistance to water penetration of 1000 pascals
  • Exceeding the test rig capacity for Ultimate Wind Load, being certified at +11kPa / -10.3kPa without any product failure.
  • Recording zero air leakage when tested for Air Permeability at the AS2047 benchmark pressure of 75 pascals
  • Being the only louvre to pass both debris type A and B as part of cyclonic testing

Quite simply the MP2 is unlike any other louvre system you are likely to have encountered, it is a true example of German engineering at its best.



mp2 sgi (frameless) / mp2 framed



144mm x 50mm Thermally broken aluminium profile

Blade Holder

Fully framed thermally broken aluminium profile


Frame Width

min. 650mm up to 1500mm (single span)

Frame Height

min. 450mm up to any height

Louvre Blade Height

min. 280mm up to 500 mm


Glazing Type

Insulated Glass Unit (IGU)


32mm Stepped IGU (double) / 28mm IGU

42mm Stepped IGU (triple) / 36mm IGU

Insulated sandwich panel

Profile Finish

Anodised or Powder Coated


End Pivot

24V Electric or Manual Operation



Air Infiltration Test

Positive    0.22 L/s m²

Negative  0.22 L/s m²

Water Penetration Test

Up to 800 pascals

Ultimate Strength Test

Up to 8000 pascals

Deflection Test

Up to 3000 pascals


Smoke Vent


Thermal Performance


Subject to glass makeup

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