Our Services

With offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland as well as technicians and installers in every state of Australia, EBSA delivers multi-service excellence.

EBSA, We make buildings breathe

Our dedicated team has the knowledge and experience to assist you throughout each phase of your project.

From planning and budgeting through to the tender stage and onto project delivery and commissioning, we are here to help you every step of the way. Once the construction phase is complete EBSA provides ongoing service and maintenance support for the life of the product.

EBSA combines the technical expertise of three of Germany's leading manufacturers in D+H Mechatronic (located in Hamburg), Schneider Louvres (located in Altenglan) and Lamilux (located in Rehau) with our own local knowledge and experience in building and construction.

The process starts with …..

Design Consultation

As a specialist in the field, EBSA prioritises correct product selection above all else, we know that if the product is not capable of meeting your project requirements then we will be unable to deliver a successful outcome.

Our preferred approach is a collaborative partnership with the project team, this is where we have the ability to positively impact the design process. We have been following this method since 2012 and our ability to continually deliver successful projects proves that it works.

We will take the time to discuss your requirements and this will help us to plan and deliver our solutions effectively, on budget and within a realistic timeframe.


At EBSA our approach extends beyond just the façade, we bridge the gap between the mechanical, electrical, fire and façade trades.

We have experience in residential, commercial and industrial installations that have not only helped buildings to become more energy efficient and sustainable, but helped to improve the aesthetics and functionality as well.

The implementation of any solution faces many challenges throughout the construction process and EBSA will continue to work with you so as to ensure wherever possible the desired outcome is achieved. This includes evaluating and providing commentary in regards to VM options during the the tendering process, ensuring all parties have a clear understanding regarding any deviation from the specified solution.

EBSA’s project team will ensure the procurement and delivery is undertaken in a professional manner. We recognise that even the best solutions can be let down by poor installation, which is why EBSA provides a turnkey solution inclusive of onsite installation anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

Our project managers and their installation teams ensure that all works on site are carried out efficiently and in accordance with our quality plan and commissioning processes so as to avoid unnecessary delays and complications at the end of the project.

Many of our installations are integrated with the building's fire system as part of a smoke control strategy, we are proud of our record of never having failed a fire test.

With regular training of our team, we ensure that the highest level of expertise and knowledge is provided to each project. You can have peace of mind knowing that you have engaged one of Australia’s most experienced and competent operable facade teams.

Service and Maintenance

Service and maintenance is an opportunity for our team to ensure that our products are operating at their best now and into the future.

It plays a critical role in extending the operational life of any system and provides building managers with the means to ensure a safe environment is available to occupants of the building.

Preventative maintenance schemes can be 3-4 times more cost effective than reactive maintenance, where works are generally unscheduled and disruptive to the building's use.

In addition, failure to maintain a system in working order could have legal implications to the building's operators and negatively affect insurance claims where it can be proven that systems have not been adequately maintained.

To prevent such a situation, EBSA technicians are available to attend sites nationwide and our maintenance department will work with you to develop a strategy that meets your needs and budget.

In addition to service and maintenance of our own systems, EBSA has established a strong legacy of repairing and maintaining third party systems.

As an incentive to encourage our clients to undertake regular maintenance EBSA and D+H Mechatronic have teamed up to provide an extended 5 year warranty on a range of D+H Mechatronic hardware when a service and maintenance contract is implemented prior to the end of the DLP period.