Leading Provider of Architectural Glass Louvre Systems

As a leading provider of architectural glass louvre systems and a proud award winning member of the Australian Glass and Window Association (AGWA), EBSA offers a range of thermally broken double glazed and single glazed louvres which are certified to Australian Standards (AS2047).

There are various factors which will influence product selection and our team will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements.

Budget is a critical element of any discussion and whilst the louvre itself represents part of the cost, other factors such as glass selection, installation and automation costs to be considered.

There are certain fundamental requirements that every project is required to meet in accordance with the National Construction Code (NCC) and Australian Standards (AS2047 and AS1288).

These include:

  • Resistance to water penetration (30% of the projects positive SLS)
  • Ultimate Limit State (ULS)
  • Deflection Test (establishes the products Serviceability Limit State)
  • Air Leakage - necessary for compliance with use in air conditioned buildings

Our team can assist in optimising the louvre design which is important as it can affect Budget, Aesthetics and Performance.

Increasing the span of a louvre can eliminate intermediate structural mullions, reduce the number of louvre actuators required (which also reduces cable and control panel costs) and provides a reduction in the cost of the glass blades as a result of having fewer blades.

Selecting thermally broken double glazed louvres can improve the thermal performance of a building, reducing energy consumption used in heating and cooling. A thermally broken louvre system with excellent U values can allow for cost savings in other areas of the facade by shifting the thermal line and therefore reducing the performance requirements of secondary internal glazing systems.

Opting for a louvre with low air permeability can reduce the operating costs of a building by reducing or eliminating the loss of conditioned air that would otherwise escape through a non airtight system.

The use of commercial quality louvres with heavy duty internal mechanisms can reduce long term maintenance costs compared to domestic systems.

Having such an extensive range allows us to offer a solution tailored to your specific project requirements.

EBSA offers a full turnkey service inclusive of installation and glazing of the louvres. We also provide the louvre actuators, smoke or ventilation control panels and the field cabling as part of a comprehensive solution ensuring tat when it comes time to commission your project everything is operating to our high standards.

We are able to mobilise our teams to nearly any destination in Australia/New Zealand and this includes offering ongoing maintenance of our systems to ensure their safe and efficient operation.

Our Louvres Are Anything But Standard

Whilst our louvre products are classified into standard product ranges, every project requires a bespoke solution. We have no fixed blade widths or heights allowing the louvres that we fabricate to be optimised to suit the clear openings without the need for fixed blades or blanking panels as would be the case with traditional louvre systems.

We can offer:

  • Framed or Frameless
  • Single Glazed (monolithic or laminated) or IGU’s (double or triple glazed)
  • Thermally or non-thermally broken frames
  • Overlapping or flush glass blades