Window Automation

EBSA is proud to be the exclusive partner of D+H Mechatronic who themselves have been active in the Australian market for over 25 years.

Exclusive partner of D+H Mechatronic

EBSA is proud to be the exclusive partner of D+H Mechatronic who themselves have been active in the Australian market for over 25 years. D+H Mechatronic were one of the founders of the window automation industry over 50 years ago, and to this day they continue to lead with innovative products and a reputation for quality that is second to none.

There are some key elements to understanding window automation systems and in particular to understand what makes one system different from another.


Technology takes many forms with features such as anti pinch (anti entrapment) and gasket relief as standard on most drives from D+H ensuring that the public, especially children, are safe from harm when unsupervised windows are closing and that when those windows are closed the delicate seals which prevent water ingress are not damaged by an overload of force.

Recent advancement in technology has created a world where window actuators (drives) can be placed into virtual ventilation groups and can be monitored and programmed remotely without a technician even attending the site. This technology means that modern buildings are no longer constrained by the manner in which the physical cabling has been installed but rather they can be repurposed to suit the clients desired floor layout and any changes implemented remotely via a safe access gateway.

This level of technological advancement is not always required and any system can be configured to operate from a simple wall switch or through a BMS or Fire interface.

Air Quality

Where air quality is a consideration, air quality sensors can monitor CO2, Temperature or Humidity within a room and automatically open the windows to purge stale air as needed to maintain a healthy internal environment.

External conditions can also be monitored ensuring that certain functions such as night purging do not activate during inclement weather events.

Integration with Mechanical Services

EBSA provides a range of control solutions but a common theme is the ability to integrate seamlessly with mechanical systems so as to shut down a buildings heating or cooling system when windows are manually opened.

Digital window automation systems have the capability to distinguish between windows that are automatically opened to purge CO2 and windows that have been manually opened by the users ensuring mechanical systems will only be shut down when the system is in natural ventilation mode and not cycle on and off as a result of CO2 purging.

Control Systems

EBSA offers a range of D+H Mechatronic control solutions for natural ventilation and smoke control, in particular the RZN range of smoke control panels which incorporate failsafe battery backup and monitor many areas including the mains supply to the panel.

Where more flexibility is required the CPS-M panels, produced in Australia by EBSA, provide an incredibly flexible solution able to operate any sized project from 1 window to 1000 or more.

All of these systems offer auto close on loss of power functionality to ensure that windows are never stuck open during a power failure in the middle of a storm.

Naturally any system offered by EBSA can integrate with a BMS system and when a smoke control panels is provided, with a buildings Fire Indicator Panel.

The CPS-M systems can accommodate both high level (modbus, KNX or BacNet) and low level integration with third party systems.